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  3. Do both!

Swordfish Millennium Capital, LLC d/b/a Funding Window Inc. is an aggressive direct lending platform looking to partner with individuals who seek to earn immediate income. The Funding Window was created to give borrowers and entrepreneurs an insight into the function of obtaining the capital available that every business requires. You, as a member are a big part of that equation. FW has assembled a Partner Program designed to allow members to…

  • Partner for a Turn-key Solution to Offering Working Capital Loans
  • Leverage Funding Windows‘ streamlined underwriting and small business credit scoring.
  • Earn up to 10% commission on loans
  • Generate increased approvals and offer flexible borrower terms
  • Provide automated daily loan repayment.
  • Convert your applications into commission checks with our Ultra-Simple Underwriting®
  • Keep FICO scores as a factor obsolete
  • No 4506-T requirements
  • Approve and fund loans in as little as 6 hours
  • Loan amounts from $5,000 to $10,000,000

As you are undoubtedly aware of—self-employment is THE path to financial success! No other business offers more prestige and exceptional earnings potential than being a loan source, and yet, this business requires less start-up costs and a lower monthly overhead than most other businesses. Regardless of your position today you ought to discover the personal and financial freedom waiting for you as a loan source.

Frequently Asked Partnership Questions:

Can I broker loans without a loan broker license?

Almost all states do not require a license to broker commercial real estate or business loans. However, most states do require a license to broker owner occupied residential loans. (one to four family dwellings). If you need additional information about licensing in your state, and where to apply simply email us at

How much money will I earn? pays up to 10 points (10%) on funding amounts. Most business loan commissions are between 2-5 points (2%–5%)

Example: You have 3 deals this month in the works…

Commercial loan
(N.O.O. Residential)
$85,000+$20,000 rehab
10 points to you= $10,500

Business loan
(Store Inventory)
6 points to you= $3,000

Business Line of Credit
4 points to you= $4,000

All of your deals this month are simple and straight forward. After your client emails their documents, the underwriting process begins and the deals are closed in a matter of days. Your commission is wired to your designated bank account.

Your monthly income: $17,500

What responsibilities do I have to perform to get paid?

Turn in the applications, if approved, well do all the rest. If clients are turned down, we will tell you what needs to be done to get approved. It’s your responsibility to keep the client informed.

Are there any costs other than my membership fee?

There are no fees other than your membership fee which includes your broker partnership account maintenance.

Can I turn in loans if I’m not a member?

Yes, but we do not fund non-member affiliated loans directly and cannot be responsible for underwriting or commission payments.

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