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Each listing in FW databases include the following contact details

  • Business Name of Lender (If Incorporated)
  • Name of Contact Person
  • Personal Phone Number
  • Physical Mailing Address
  • City, State, Zip Code & Country
  • Email Address
  • Website URL of Angel Investor Group
  • Assets Available to Invest

Membership Database Access:

Private Real Estate Lenders

Private lenders are very hard to find, period. These investors could be individuals with funds to invest or groups of individuals who pool their money to fund private loans and are generally secured by real estate but they don’t always broadcast what they are doing so it takes a little ingenuity to find out who they are.

Niche Real Estate Lenders

From trailer parks to gas stations, we have lenders that lend on everything and anything under the sun especially when it's secured by real estate. From cemeteries to cattle ranches there is no piece of real estate we can’t fund or get funded.

Commercial Real Estate Lenders

If you are looking to close on a strip mall, hotel, Multi-family apartments, NNN Leases or any other piece of commercial property we've got you covered not just debt but equity too.

100% Lenders

One Hundred percent, non-recourse financing for most properties is always available.

New Construction Lenders

Building a new home? It can be very difficult to find a lender these days. Not anymore! We have the lenders ready, willing and able to do all the new construction loans you need.

Commercial & Residential Debt Refinancing

Get record low rates and long amortizations to ensure massive positive cash flow on investment properties and lower your owner occupied mortgage rate with a low interest fixed mortgage. Streamline FHA, cash-out refinance and many more solutions.

Retail/Restaurant Franchise Financing

Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, BP Oil, Tim Horton’s, 5 Guys and many more businesses are available for entrepreneurs to pursue through our franchise financing connections. Find business partners and the debt financing to make your franchise decisions that much easier.

Lease Equipment Financing

Funding Window will provide you with access to an enormous database of equipment financing for an unlimited list of vendors. From farm equipment to super computers, we run the gamut of asset based lenders.

Film & Music Business Financing

If you need financing for a creative business it can be virtually impossible to find the financing to complete your project. Our database allows professionals to raise capital and obtain the funding needed to move to the next level. FW will help you quickly raise capital for your movie or music project saving you from the infamous entertainment industry run-around. Gain access to film and entertainment investors controlling over $4 Billion.

Start Up/Seed Capital

Community Development Institutions provide capital to rebuild economically distressed communities through targeted lending and investing. They provide affordable credit and retail financial services to low-income entrepreneurs, often with special outreach to women and minority communities.

Community Development Loan Funds (CDLFs) provide financing and development services to businesses, organizations, and individuals in low-income communities. There are four main types of loan funds: microenterprise, small business, housing, and community service organizations.

Community Development Venture Capital Funds (CDVC) funds provide equity and debt-with-equity-features for small and medium-sized businesses in distressed communities. With that being said, you’ll obtain the money you need to get started in any business.

Niche Media Financing

This is a short list of niches within the media industry Funding Window has funding access to:

  • Advertising networks
  • Book & magazine publishing
  • Broadcast media
  • Concerts
  • Digital media
  • Film production
  • Film studios
  • Music projects
  • Nightclubs
  • Published media
  • Radio acquisition
  • Television projects
  • Video game development
  • and more…

Hedge Fund Financing

The Funding Window Hedge Fund Database is designed for placement agents, consultants, capital raisers, career professionals, and service providers who want full access to the contact details of over 1,800 hedge fund managers. The Funding Window Hedge Fund database allows you to raise capital faster by accessing the complete contact details on 1,000+ active hedge funds. Work more efficiently to meet your Assets Under Management goals faster and waste less time. Over 1500+ hours has been spent building this database.

Private Equity Database

The Funding Window private equity sector of our online database was developed for private companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs who are looking to raise capital from various private syndicates, institutional investors and venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs are able to raise capital faster by accessing the complete contact details on 1,000+ Private Equity firms controlling over $50 Billion.

Angel Investor Database

450+ Angel Investors based in Microsoft Excel. Funding Window has amassed an astounding Angel Investor Database with over 450 contacts. If you’re looking to raise capital for any reason this is an absolute must have.

Our Angel investors have in their control over $75 Billion. Each contact entry includes:

  • Name of Angel Investor Group
  • Name of Contact
  • Physical Mailing Address
  • City, State, Zip Code & Country
  • Email Address
  • Assets Available to Invest
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL could easily sell access to each one of our databases separately leaving our members to figure out what works with what but that’s not how we do things at we want you to win! Whether its real estate or business we want you to get the funding you need to succeed so we have decided to allow access to ALL of the databases for one price.

If you’re sure you will not need all of the funding outlets we provide we have no problem with you accessing the plan that suits your needs.

If you only need to breeze through and get pertinent information you absolutely can’t find online, get a day pass for a full 24 hours of database access to search your heart out.

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