Seven Must-Read Books for Real Estate Investors

by Brandon Turner

Real estate investors disagree on many topics, but one that nearly all agree on is the necessity of investing in yourself. There are literally thousands of books out there that deal with real estate investing, and I’ve probably read most of them! The following list is the top of my top.  Without further suspense, I give you my Top Books For Real Estate Investors:

The Best Books for Real Estate:

    1. The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing by Spencer Strauss The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate InvestingSimply put, this book is amazing. From making a plan, buying your first property, fixing things up, managing property, to selling for premium prices  – it’s all here. This book is an excellent summary of the whole process of buying an investment property.


    1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor DadThere may be a lot of hype and motivational talk in this book (not to mention the Rich Dad marketing machine you see everywhere), but this classic among investors contains an unbelievable amount of life-changing, thought-provoking content. Rich Dad is all about opening our minds to the possibilities of letting our money earn money, rather than our time.  Kiyosaki does an excellent job of putting to words what I had been feeling in my heart for a long time.


    1. Rich Dad’s ABC’s of Real Estate Investing and Rich Dad’s Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy. Rich Dad's ABC's of Real Estate Investing Rich Dad's Advanced Guide to Real Estate InvestingThese are two books that work as a team to teach one huge method of investing in real estate – multifamily investing.  These two are the best books on “big picture” real estate investing through apartments I’ve read. If you want to start making serious money in real estate, check these two books out.  Also, these books contain the best descriptions and examples of harnessing the power of cap rates while investing in real estate.


    1. The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss The Four Hour WorkweekWhile not about Real Estate at all, The Four Hour Workweek is still an excellent book on living outside the “status quo” of slave, save, retire, die. It transformed the way I look at the world, retirement, money, etc.  I recommend this book to almost every person in any field. Some might be turned off by Ferriss’ “personality” but I find the information and motivation invaluable.


    1. Landlording on AutoPilot by Mike Butler Mike Butler’s book is hands down the best book on being aLandlording on AutoPilot landlord for single family homes. There is so much good information in this book about dealing with tenants it is insane.  If you are struggling at all with being a landlord or fearful of jumping into real estate because of the thought of being a landlord, read this book.


BiggerPockets1.  Okay, Bigger Pockets may not be a physical book.  It’s actually the world’s largest real estate community.  However, anything you could ever learn in a book is found on this site.  Tons of investors, lots of info, amazing stuff. Really, this site taught me a lot about real estate investing. Now I am one of their contributors to their blog (which is super-duper cool). Seriously any question you have about real estate (besides asking me, which you totally can and should!) you can ask in the forums and you’ll get a bazillion seasoned real estate investors to answer you. It’s a living book. I love it.


  1. 7 Years to 7 Figure Wealth 7 Years to 7 Figure Wealthby … me!  Ok, it’s a shameless plug, but I had to include this book in the list! If you want to check it out, it’s 100% free and you can download it right now.  This book is a complete summary of my investment strategy and one avenue to earn a million dollars in real estate purchasing only five properties in seven years with almost no money.

BONUS:  20 Ways to Buy Real Estate for Under $2,000 20 Ways to Buy Real Estate for Under $2,000(Free Real Estate Book!) This is a book written by my good friend Ben Leybovich over at, and it’s free to download – you just gotta sign up for his newsletter to get it.  This book is the shortest in this collection, but one of my favorites simply because it is just pure, actionable content. If you are looking to invest in real estate and don’t have a lot of cash – this is a great book to download to get a quick understanding of different ways real investors are doing this, every day.  Ben also is the creator of Cash Flow Freedom University, which is an online course you can take to learn how to invest in real estate the smart way. In full disclosure – I am an affiliate for this course, but only because I believe very strongly in Ben’s message. So, if you end up checking out Ben’s course and buy it, after going through my link, Ben gives me a small commission which helps keep the lights on here at So definitely go and download this free book today!


Other Great Real Estate Books: Honorable Mentions

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know about Cash Flow… And 36 Other Key Financial Measuresby Frank Gallinelli.  This book is about math, and making that math easy. If you don’t understand the principles discussed in this book, you will never be successful in real estate or any business, period.  If you want to understand it fully, devour this book and keep it on your shelf. This is definitely not a “check out from the library” sort of book.  (Also, read “The Buy and Hold Guys’” interview with Frank Gallinelli here)

Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quads: The Fastest and Safest Way to Real Estate Wealth by Larry Loftis. This book, as the title suggests, is my favorite book dealing with small multifamily properties. Being one of the first investment books I read, it really opened my eyes to what is possible out there, and caused me to buy my first duplex – which still brings me almost $400 per month in cashflow. I owe that purchase and success to this book.  If you are just starting out, I highly recommend this book.

How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value – By John T Reed. This hard-to-find book (he doesn’t sell on Amazon – just on his website) is really like an encyclopedia on managing large multifamily properties. Known for his straight-forward, no-fluff attitude, Reed has thousands and thousands of tips on managing larger properties. I re-read this book at least twice a year and learn new things every time.  I have not (yet) read his other real estate books, but if they are anything like this one, they will be amazing.

How to Be a Real Estate Investor – by Phil Pustejovsky. Phil is a great guy and knows his real estate investing inside and out. This book is a really nice overview of the numerous different niches and techniques you can use to make money in real estate investing. Even better – this book is only $.99. That’s less than the cost of a double cheeseburger from McDonalds. Seriously- this is an excellent book if you want to learn exactly how people make money with real estate. Check it out!


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Apartment List is fixing the painful, time-sucking process of rental search


November 20, 2013 9:57 AM

Rebecca Grant

Shelter is a basic human need, but it can be infuriatingly difficult to find a place to live in many American cities.

Apartment List claims to be the fastest-growing apartment search engine in the U.S. and has raised $15 million in funding to help people find homes.

Founder John Kobs described the effort of looking for an apartment as a “time-sucking, headache-filled process,” and his mission is to reinvent the rental market.

“Anyone that has had a difficult experience searching for an apartment on Craigslist knows that it is a broken model with low-quality listings, scams, and little-to-no vetting of the quality of properties and the individuals associated with them,” Kobs told VentureBeat. “There’s a lot of bait-and-switch that happens in today’s online and mobile rental market, with scammers, unsavory characters, and false advertising.”

Approximately 100 million people in America are renters. The housing crisis and economic recession caused an uptick in the number of renters, and a survey conducted by the MacArthur Foundation found that more than half of Americans say buying a home has become less appealing.

Apartment List’s goal is to become the most trusted and easy-to-use search engine for rental listings.

The engine aggregates millions of listings from around the country and puts them together in a map-based interface, with filters for price, neighborhood, number of bedrooms, amenities, and even pet-friendliness. The site has 20,000 reviews and an average of 14.5 photos per listing, so renters can get a better idea of an apartment before going to look at it in person.

You can directly contact landlords about listings you are interested in, save and sync listings across multiple devices, and use the app to make notes after seeing each prospect.

Real estate search is a highly competitive market, with major players such as Craigslist, Zillow, and Trulia that have been around for years, along with a host of newcomers like Zumper, RoomHunt, and Urban Compass.

Apartment List stands out from the crowd with its unique mobile app that helps people find roommates.

“43% of all renters are under the age of 30 and struggle to make enough rent to live on their own in an expensive studio or one-bedroom apartment,” Kobs said. “Relying on roommates to help minimize living costs is increasingly becoming the trend, especially in areas where rental prices have risen significantly over the past several years.”

The Roomates app is integrated with Facebook Connect so renters can find potential roommates from within their social network and look at matches based on similar interests, age, likes, neighborhood, and budget.

Like popular dating app Tinder, it uses social data to make initial suggestions but encourages people to meet in real life to see if there is roommate chemistry.

Apartment List was founded in 2011 and now attracts 1.5 million people a month.It launched an iOS app in June, and 47 percent of its monthly visitors come from mobile.

Matrix Partners led this first round of funding, which will support Apartment List’s continued geographical expansion and product development. The start ultimately aims to digitize the entire rental process from start to finish, adding features for signing rental agreements, paying rent, and more.

Apartment List is based in San Francisco.


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