What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is the first thing you will use when interacting with potential investors. Think of a slideshow presentation that summarizes the business idea and model of your startup business and/or real estate deal.

In many ways, it is one of your most important tools. It is used as a visual aid when presenting the opportunity of your business venture to potential investors. A carefully crafted pitch deck is a fundraising fundamental and is often requested by angel investors.

How do you create a pitch deck for investors?

Since your pitch deck is comparable to an outline of your business plan, you should have your plan already written. Your business plan does not have to be for anyone but you and your team to know what it is you’re attempting to bring to market.

The order of information presented will depend on the priorities of your investors and the startup in question. But these main points combined with a professional deck are key to getting investors quickly interested.

Developed by our renowned capital raising agents, the FW pitch deck has raised millions of dollars for various business ventures. The FWPD has all the key slides you must have.

The structure of the pitch deck has been carefully planned making sure you adequately cover the three main aspects: technology, team and market. Insert your content into our readymade template and voilà you’re now ready to start depositing investor checks.

The top ten must-have elements for any pitch deck

  1. The Problem — Is there a real ineffectiveness in the market that you can fix?
  2. Your Solution — How does your product help to solve this problem?
  3. The Business Model — How will you (and the investors) make money?
  4. Marketing & Sales — How big is the revenue potential? How scalable is your product?
  5. The Competition — What's already available and why is your product better?
  6. Your Team — Who is who? And what are their accomplishments?
  7. Projections & Milestones — What are the sign posts you want to see down the road?
  8. Use of Funds — What needs to be invested and for what purposes? Be specific.
  9. The Risks — What are the chances this will fail? What do you plan to do to mitigate these risks?
  10. The Investors Exit — What does the investor get out of this?

It’s simple, convenient, effective and free to FW members.

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