Transactional Funding Request

This form is for a Funding Request for deals that are Under Contract and/or Ready to Close. Do NOT use this form to request a Proof of Funds letter. In order to expedite your request, please complete all the fields in the forms and check for errors before submitting.

Transactional Funding Highlights: provides transactional funding and hard money placement for professional real estate investors. The FW mission is to provide investors with the tools they require to facilitate business and real estate transactions. A Transactional Funding Strategy is used by real estate wholesalers and rehabbers who are buying/selling short sales, pre-foreclosure or REO properties.

Transactional Funding Program Highlights

  • Write escrow offers beating novice investors and first time buyers
  • Close fast for cash using 24 hour loan approval and lender wire
  • No credit check, no appraisal. Use a fast and easy online funding form
  • 100% wet funding – including all closing costs – no out of pocket expenses
  • All 50 states up to $1,000,000 – you now can offer cash!

Transactional Funding Account Parameters:

  • The member should have the property under contract before contacting FW.
  • The Funding Request must be made at least three (3) business days prior to the Purchase A to B) closing.
  • Maximum Loan Amount is the lesser of the Total Acquisition Cost or Property Value as determined by Funding Window.
  • The member should have the property sold (under contract) and must be authentic, valid and fully executed.
  • Buyer(C) must verify cash funds or provide verifiable loan approval and be clear to close within one (1) business day of the Purchase (A to B).
  • All Required Documents must be received by Funding Window no less than two (2) business days prior to closing the Purchase (A to B).
  • The Purchase (A to B) and Sale (B to C) must be closed by an accredited, verifiable, and insured closing agent.
  • The closing agent must provide all required documents one (1) business days prior to closing for the Purchase (A to B).
  • Borrower Gross Profit must be sufficient to cover the Loan Fees and Consideration.
  • Transaction must not be on The FW list of prohibited transactions.

The Process:

Our team understands that you have worked hard to put your transaction together. That is why we have clearly defined Our Process and Funding Criteria, so that you know exactly what is required to get your deal funded. Our terms and process are simple and straight forward and we expect our borrowers' transactions to be the same.

Once you have complete, fully executed buy and sell contracts for a Qualified Transaction, simply:

  1. Submit your Funding Request for a Preliminary Approval
  2. Upload your supporting documents using your ES Upload on the log in page.
  3. Satisfy any final underwriting requirements for Final Approval.
  4. Sign Loan Documents.
  5. Close and fund A to B transaction.
  6. Manage and close the B to C transaction.
  7. Enjoy your profits!

If you are looking for Proof of Funds Letters, click the appropriate link to be redirected.

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